Our Culture

We have 3 pillars that our culture is based on. They are Safety, Workmanship, and Efficiency.

  1. Safety of course is first. Our focused safety program trains our staff so that they conduct their work using best practices and utilize the best tools and equipment available. The result is a safe work environment, and there is nothing more important to us than that.
  2. Second is Workmanship. The finished product for our clients trumps all but safety. We ensure workmanship by focusing our culture on industry specific training and continuous improvement for all employees across all of our service areas. The Peak Team takes strong pride in our abilities and workmanship.
  3. The Third and final pillar is Efficiency. We pride ourselves on our organizational skills, our specialized equipment, and our processes that allow us to complete our work with little waste. Efficiency allows us to keep our pricing competitive while providing a great experience for our customers.

The three pillars create a culture at Peak that is dynamic, it nourishes great customer experiences, and it allows us to offer the most professional and most comprehensive landscape construction and management services in the area.

Terry Hubbard
Name: Terry Hubbard, CPESC
Email: Terry@peakec.com
Title: President
Job Description: Living The Dream
Terry's Story: Terry started Peak Environmental Concepts in 1997 at 22 years old. His degree in environmental science and his annual summer landscaping job were the building blocks that propelled him to start this new venture. At that time Terry had one focus, "How do I get a serious summer job that will allow me to ski all winter?" Peak Environmental was the answer. While the demands of a growing business no longer allow the ski bum lifestyle, Terry still gets a few days off. He is a volunteer on the Whiteface Ski Patrol and enjoys spending time with his wife Sarah and their three boys. He brews and bottles homemade red wine in his basement and is often observed having heated conversations with the television during political shows and presidential debates.

Sarah Hubbard
Name: Sarah Hubbard
Email: Sarah@peakec.com
Title: Education Coordinator
Job Description: Summer Intern
Sarah's Story Sarah joined Peak in 2006 her business education background made her a natural at this position. When she's not summer interning she teaches business education classes to young entrepreneurs at Guilderland High School. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, and getting a mani/pedi. Her third job is being a mother to three young boys which keeps her on her toes. Other than her master's degree from Canisius College, one of Sarah's most noted accomplishments was being voted "the most fashionable teacher" at GHS. Namaste!

Steve Rowley
Name: Steve Rowley
Email: Steve@peakec.com
Title: Project Manager
Job Description: Anything and Everything
Steve's Story: Steve joined Peak in 2010 as a project manager. His artistic talents as well as his mechanical engineering degree made him a valuable member of our staff almost immediately. His recent ICPI certification as well as his ability to build all phases of outdoor living spaces makes him an invaluable link between the design and construction phases. In his free time, Steve likes to make beer, fix old cars, and ride his bike. His real passion however, is preparing for the upcoming worldwide zombie invasion. When it happens, I suggest you find Steve, he'll be ready!

Services We Offer:

Outdoor Living Spaces
We are recognized for our environmentally friendly designs, innovative use of materials, and our attention to detail.

Landscape Management
We provide professional lawn care that looks great at a reasonable price.

Landscape Development
Our Landscape Development Services focus primarily on new home construction projects and commercial development.

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