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Are you looking to make your commercial property Green?

Since 2013, New York State has made it law that Green Infrastructure must be designed into new land development projects. Whether you are building a small house or a 500 unit planned development district, you will probably find some green infrastructure components in your site plans. Peak Environmental is the leader in this area for Green Infrastructure Projects.

What exactly is Green Infrastructure
Green infrastructure is a system that mimics natural processes in order to infiltrate, evaporate, and/or reuse stormwater. Green infrastructure uses soils, topography, and vegetation in a way that minimizes the impacts of anthropogenic disturbance and maintains the pre-development hydrology and water quality of urban environments.

What Green Infrastructure components can you build for me?
*Permeable Brick Paver Parking Lots
*Green Roofs
*Rain Gardens
*Storm Water Harvesting
*Pesticide Free Lawn Care
*Water Management / Irrigation Maintenance

As a builder of commercial real estate in Saratoga Springs, Green infrastructure is an critical component of the site work on our projects. Not only do the Green Infrastructure components have to manage stormwater, they have to look great too! Peak Environmental is my first choice every time. Not only do they install the Green Infrastructure components seamlessly with the landscape, they will manage the maintenance of the components post development. They are safe, professional, and always on schedule. You can't go wrong with Peak, I highly recommend them. - Paul Lambert - Project Manger, Bonacio Construction


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