The grass is always greener around the fire hydrant.
- Jeff Rich

Irrigation Systems

Do you have or want an irrigation system?

We are specialists in residential and commercial irrigation systems. Our technicians are prompt, professional, highly trained, and can maintain and repair just about any brand you can name (including Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol, and Toro). We can repair and optimize any system, including those we didn't install.

Irrigation services we offer:

  • System add-ons
  • Upgrades
  • System installs
  • System repairs/inspections
  • Dip Lines
  • WIFI Controls
  • Water usage knowledge
  • Maintain Systems
  • Irrigation Openings (April-May)
  • Irrigation Closings (Winterizations) (October-November)

Smart Irrigation

Too often irrigation systems are installed without any thought to the cost of water. Systems are designed with the "We have always done it this way" methodology. Peak's irrigation systems utilize the latest technology which allows us to cut your water consumption by 30%. Let's face it, water isn't getting any cheaper, so why not install a smart irrigation system by Peak? The environment and your bank account will thank you!

Peak's Smart irrigation systems include:

  • Smart irrigation plan that focuses on optimizing water use.
  • Landscape, turf and soil planning to minimize the need for water.
  • A smart controller that can be adjusted with your smart phone or by a remote technician. (no appointments necessary!)
  • Smart maintenance strategies that limit the need of pesticides and water
  • Water savings of up to 30%



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