Our Mission

To be great stewards of the land upon which we live and work.

A note from the owner:

Growing up in a rural area in Altamont NY, I developed an affinity for natural spaces at a very young age. My dad was a site developer, so we usually had some heavy equipment around the house. At 16 years old, I started in the landscape construction field, where I realized quickly that this work was a truly noble pursuit.

Being entrusted to the development and stewardship of a living property is a heavy lift. The skills required are vast. Our team observes the plants, trees, soils, and the water’s natural course through the land. We provide functional designs for irrigation & lighting systems and landscape utilities. Finally, with a strong focus on material selection, we create distinct spaces for our clients so they can enjoy the seasonality of the natural world.

When I started Peak Environmental in 1997, I was motivated to build a company that was best in class. I wanted my employees to get the same satisfaction out of building outdoor spaces that I did. To foster this idea, we train rigorously on safety & workmanship. Match that with open-book management and profit sharing, and you can see how the culture at Peak Environmental allows our team to grow personally and professionally.

Through the years, we have faced many challenges as all growing businesses do. But our focus on hiring a great team, training them well, and continuously improving the company has not wavered.

As we are looking ahead to almost 30 years in business, we recognize that the needs of this industry have changed. The markets for complex outdoor spaces, smart utilities, and sustainable designs are growing rapidly. At Peak Environmental, we understand these needs and can deliver on projects large and small. We frame this need in our mission statement, simply: “To be great stewards of the land upon which we live and work”.

So if you are looking to create a new space or just flat-out need help with the one you have. Give the landscape construction professionals at Peak Environmental a call, and truly elevate your outdoor space!

Best Regards,
Terry Hubbard
Owner of Peak Environmental


As you browse our site, you will notice that we have added a Leaf Graphic to highlight the Eco-Conscious options available to our clients.

While not all of our business practices and services are currently Eco-Conscious, we are continuously innovating our business as market trends, product innovation, and technology will allow.

Our goal with eco-conscious is to continuously develop our company and our project and service offerings so that we can maximize positive environmental outcomes while limiting the negative impacts associated with business operations.

Some of our sustainability initiatives include:

Eco-Conscious Practices

  • We use natural fertilizers
  • We do not use pesticides of any kind
  • We recommend eco-friendly material options
  • We design and service irrigation systems to limit water use
  • We design and build stormwater infiltration systems to enhance water quality
  • We focus on logistics to limit transportation and other direct inputs into projects and services

Eco-Conscious Services

  • Smart Irrigation Controls
  • Smart Lighting Controls
  • Permeable Pavements
  • Indigenous Plantings
  • Lawn Naturalization
  • Pollinator Gardens
  • Stormwater Capture
natural fertilizer
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