Green Care

Peak’s Green Care Services are the cornerstone of our service department. With green care, you have an account manager assigned to your property’s landscape whose primary focus is to provide you with eco-friendly landscape care packages and pricing for projects and enhancements. Our Green Care services can be customized based on your property’s needs throughout the season.

How does green care work?

An account manager will make an appointment with you to assess your property. As you walk around the property, a list of questions will be asked to determine your goals for your landscape.

The base of every green care package is a natural lawn fertilizer service with no chemical pesticides. These packages cost about 30% more than a traditional chemical fertilizer package but negate any long-term effects from pesticide exposures to pets, people, and the environment.

Additional services are then added to complete the package. These include irrigation service and water-saving audits, organic plant & bed maintenance, structural pruning, and lawn naturalization options.

Once the Green Care package has been determined, any additional pricing you would like for other projects and services can be provided to get your homes landscape in great shape. These services include hardscape repair and maintenance, landscape utility repair, drainage solutions, and landscape enhancements.

Why Choose Green Care?

Sustainable: Green Care packages are the first step in making your landscape more sustainable.

Save Money: Irrigation audits will save you money on your water bill.

Safe: No harsh chemicals being spread around your yard.

Service: As a Green Care Client, you get preferred access to project and service pricing and scheduling.

Support: All Green Care Clients get 3 hours of design and consultation time yearly from our landscape designer or landscape architect at no cost.

Simple: Any small projects or services can be added ahead of each service by simply contacting your account manager. He will add the work to our next visit while utilizing a predetermined hourly rate for billing. The hours worked and corresponding invoices will be available for review in our customer portal.

Peak’s Green Care Services:

  1. Natural, pesticide-free lawn care applications
  2. Smart Irrigation Controls
  3. Organic Plant & Bed Maintenance
  4. Structural Pruning
  5. Lawn Naturalization

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