Hardscape Repair & Maintenance

Do you have an old retaining wall that is falling down, do you have a walkway that requires constant weeding, or a concrete patio that is cracked and deteriorating? Peak Environmental specializes in the repair and replacement of your home’s hardscapes!

Why did my hardscape fail?

Most hardscapes typically fail for 2 reasons. The first reason is that a suitable base or footing was not installed under your hardscape. Without a proper footing, the freeze-thaw cycle in the great Northeat will destroy your hardscape. The second reason hardscapes typically fail is water. If roof, lawn, and driveway runoff on your property is not properly diverted away from your patio, wall or walkway, then the freeze-thaw cycle goes into overdrive and a large amount of heaving will occur thereby destroying your hardscape.

How can Peak Environmental help me?

Peak’s hardscape technicians are skilled in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of all of your home’s hardscape.

Peak’s Hardscape Services Include:

  1. Pressure Washing
  2. Polymeric Joint Sand Replacement
  3. Re-Leveling Brick Pavers
  4. Concrete Removal and Replacement
  5. Retaining Wall Repair and Replacement
  6. Concrete Staining & Sealants

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