Irrigation & Water Management

Peak’s irrigation systems utilize the latest technology, cutting water consumption by 30%

Irrigation Systems

All too often, water irrigation systems are installed without any thought to water conservation and the financial impact on the owner. Peak’s irrigation systems utilize the latest technology, cutting water consumption by 30%. If you’re looking to repair an outdated irrigation system, Peak’s irrigation specialists can restore and optimize any system, including those we didn’t install initially.

Irrigation Services & Benefits

Irrigation systems offer a range of benefits that make them invaluable for maintaining healthy and vibrant landscapes.

Firstly, irrigation systems provide efficient and consistent watering, ensuring that plants receive the appropriate amount of water at the right time. This promotes optimal growth and development while minimizing water waste and runoff.

Secondly, irrigation systems can be customized and programmed to deliver water directly to specific areas, such as lawns, flower beds, or vegetable gardens, based on their individual water requirements. This targeted approach maximizes the efficiency of water usage, reducing the risk of overwatering or underwatering.

Thirdly, automated irrigation systems provide convenience and save time for homeowners. Once the system is set up and programmed, it can operate on a predetermined schedule, freeing up individuals from the hassle of manual watering. This is particularly beneficial during periods of hot weather or when homeowners are away on vacation.

Additionally, irrigation systems help conserve water resources by minimizing evaporation and ensuring that water is delivered directly to the root zones of plants where it is needed the most. This promotes water efficiency and sustainability, which is crucial in regions prone to drought or water scarcity. Overall, the installation of an irrigation system not only enhances the health and beauty of landscapes but also promotes water conservation, convenience, and efficient resource management.

Irrigation Services:

  1. System add-ons & Upgrades
  2. System installs
  3. System repairs/inspections
  4. Drip Lines
  5. WIFI Controls
  6. Irrigation Openings (April-May)
  7. Irrigation Closings (Winterizations) (October-November)

Benefits include:

  1. Irrigation planning focused on water optimization
  2. Landscape, turf, and soil planning minimizing water consumption
  3. Device controlled by smartphones and/or remote technician
  4. Green maintenance strategies that mitigate pesticide and water use
  5. Water savings up to 30%
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